Agent Wang is the agent of Yushan in Cupid's Chocolates. He is married to his wife but also has a mistress in secret.


Agent Wang has brown hair and purple eyes. He dresses as a business man for an agent.


Years ago, Agent Wang become the agent to the talented Yushan for her singing. He forbid her from social contact and making friends because of her particular personality. In Season 2, he was confronted by Jiang Haoyi and requested the agent to let Yushan regain her freedom and the friends & life that she wants. Agent Wang refused and decided to leave. However, Haoyi had another plan up his sleeve and showed Agent Wang pictures of him with his mistress and if he doesn't follow Haoyi's request this evidence may go to his wife. With this, he had no choice but to accept this request. On the news, Agent Wang came to agreement of letting Yushan study abroad which was also agreed by her parents.




Agent Wang's relationship with his wife is unknown.


Agent Wang's relationship with his mistress is unknown.


Hua YushanEdit

"She is a strange freak - and a star high above. She should appreciate me for leaving her one friend". 

Agent Wang sees Yushan as a star for her talent in singing though considered her a freak for her personality and forbid her to have social contact and being with friends. After being confronted by Haoyi, he now lets Yushan have her freedom.

Lv ZheEdit

Agent Wang get along well with Lv Zhe since he is Yushan's childhood sweetheart and worked with him under a contract but didn't seem to care after Lv Zhe quit.

Jiang HaoyiEdit

Agent Wang was confronted by Haoyi and ended up following his request to let Yushan have her life back.