Anime Festival Male Host is a young man in Cupid's Chocolates. He is the host for the Female Cosplay Competition in the Anime Expo.


Anime Festival Male Host has blonde and wears sunglasses. The clothes he wears are a long white t-shirt, black shorts, long black socks, and black shoes. He has gold chains around his neck. He appears different in the web manga shown that he has brown hair and gray eyes. He wears a white standard t-shirt and black pants.


Anime Festival Male Host announces for the starting of the Female Cosplay Competition for the year to the fans. In Season 1, he introduces Xiao Yiyi who in reality is Haoyi in disguised. He listens to Xiao Yiyi's speech about Tang Xuan on the kind of person she is. The male host and the fans notice Tang Xuan falling from above but was saved by Mei Tata. The male host noticed the change of their outfits and was surprised believing that the two can do magic. With the fans being cheerful to Tang Xuan and Xiao Yiyi, the male host announces both candidates as the winners of the Anime Festival: Female Cosplay Competition.


Female Cosplay CandidatesEdit

Anime Festival Male Host gets along well with the girls that are in the female competition.