Big Boy is a student in Cupid's Chocolates. He is a member of the school's athletic club.


Big Boy has tan hair, tan eyes, fat, big, and tall. He wears the athletic school club uniform.


In Season 1, Big Boy joined the athletic club to work out so that it well help him lose the weight that he has now to be in better shape. Sometimes after, he and other boys in the club watched on how Jiang Haoyi challenged the girls to a bet to see who gets the highest scores in the next mid-term exam though he was calm and silent about it most of the time. Some days after, Big Boy and most of the students were shocked that Haoyi was in first place when the scores of the exams came out.



Athletic Club PresidentEdit

It may not show, though it's hinted that Big Boy has great respect for Tang Xuan.

Fellow Club BoysEdit

Big Boy gets along with the boys in the club well since he's one of them.

Fellow Club GirlsEdit

Big Boy's relationship with the girls in the cub are unknown.