Changzha Reuss is a god who lives in the God World in Cupid's Chocolates. He is known as the Director and Chocolate Maker who built the Cupid's Palace five centuries ago. In Season 2, he appears to Jiang Haoyi in the Cafe Time restaurant after Haoyi is safe from Sandy's fans chasing him in the city. He talks with Haoyi and gives him a candy box as a gift. Reuss leaves when Xia Zitong comes to see Haoyi. Reuss latter appears to Mei Tata due to her messing up the Cupid's Contract and revealing herself to Haoyi. As he was punishing her, Mei Tata begged Reuss to help her and that she won't commit anymore crimes. With his magic, he places a small patch in Mei Tata that will help her control her magic and warns her not to intervene Haoyi or her magic will disappear.


Reuss is well mannered when meeting Haoyi. He can also be stricken with Mei Tata due to her crimes she's made being with Haoyi.


Reuss has gray hair and purple eyes. His clothes are similar to that of a magician. He carries a golden cane and a magic book to use his power.


Fellow GodsEdit

Mei TataEdit

Reuss made Mei Tata the love goddess and seems to get along with though he did punish her for her interference with Haoyi. He did give her the chance to do thing right and helped her control her magic better.

Keluo KroghEdit

Reuss get's along well with Krogh.


Jiang HaoyiEdit

Reuss met Haoyi due to Mei Tata's interference with him though he was kind to Haoyi. Reuss even gave him a candy box as a gift to him.



  • Reuss is over 500 years of age.