Du Yuze is Xueli's ex-boyfriend who appears in Cupid's Chocolates. In middle school, he was popular by all the girls and became Xueli's boyfriend due to the valentines day chocolates she gave him though the chocolates were really for Haoyi. At a New Year party, Du Yuze betrays Xueli believing that she was only acting and he never thought of her as a girlfriend teaching her a lesson in humiliation. He said to Xueli that no man will ever love her making everyone sneer her after he proposed to his actual girlfriend, Momo. He went to Japan to study but due to some problems, his family's company went bankrupt and had to return home in Season 1. In Season 2, Du Yuze tracks and finds Xueli in order for her to help him. He kidnaps and takes her to an abandon wherehouse. To achieve his goal of getting his family the industry to which was taken by a scandal, Du Yuze plans to take nude pictures of Xueli due to her mom's refusal since she now owns the industry. However, Du Yuze's plans were interrupted by Haoyi who came to rescue Xueli and he order his two men that he hired to kidnap Xueli beat him but their last attack was blocked by Xueli. Du Yuze learns the truth from Xueli that she never liked him and being the substitute replacing Haoyi though Du Yuze knew long ago that she liked Haoyi a lot from the beginning. Du Yuze also learns that Haoyi had Mei Tata who witness Xueli's kidnap record the evidence of his crime which has been uploaded to everyone's cellphones in the city much to Du Yuze's horror. Du Yuze is arrested by the police but attempt at the last moment to kill Haoyi with a knife, but his attack was blocked by Xueli who took the stab though she survived. Du Yuze is sent to prison and will not danger Xueli, Haoyi, or anyone else ever again.


Du Yuze has lightish blond hair and green eyes. He's wears half casual clothes: white shirt, black jacket, gray pants, and black dress shoes.


Du Yuze is cruel and is happy to watch people suffer especially Xueli. He will also take extreme measures to kill anyone if his plans are ruined as he tried to kill Haoyi. He seems to be quite naive when he actually believe that Xueli liked him but really didn't and once more when he didn't know that Haoyi had a plan to send him to prison by recording the evidence of his crime of Xueli's kidnap.



Du Yuze carries a knife with him which was kept hidden until he used it against Haoyi after he got arrested by police officers.



Love InterestEdit


"Today I declare, that I'm getting engaged with - my girlfriend Momo".

At the New Year party, Du Yuze became Momo's boyfriend and engaged her. It may be hinted that the two are no longer together.


Male Kidnapper IEdit

Du Yuze had Male Kidnapper I work for him to kidnap Xueli and be rewarded.

Male Kidnapper IIEdit

Du Yuze had Male Kidnapper II work for him to kidnap Xueli and be rewarded.


Ouyang XueliEdit

"I knew you were not a good woman. So I taught you a lesson in middle school".

Du Yuze was Xueli's boyfriend but later became ex-boyfriend after he humiliated her in public. He enjoys watching her suffer. Du Yuze returns and tails Xueli even kidnapping her for a purpose but his plan soon failed. Du Yuze learns in shock that Xueli never liked him and that he was a substitute replacing Haoyi getting him involved in her love affairs finding out that he was Xueli's second boyfriend and not her first. He realized to Xueli, he meant nothing to her just a tool being used and thrown away.

Jiang HaoyiEdit

"Jiang Haoyi. Go to hell"!

When Du Yuze met Haoyi in middle school, he was most likely his rival being jealous of him knowing that Xueli likes him. Some years after, Du Yuze returned for Xueli but was confronted by Haoyi to leave her alone becoming his enemy, but that didn't stop Du Yuze from kidnapping Xueli. Du Yuze believed that Haoyi is nothing but his substitute in replacing him as Xueli's boyfriend. However, it turn out that he was Haoyi's substitute from the beginning as revealed by Xueli. Du Yuze has developed a deep hatred for Haoyi after his enemy recorded the evidence of his crime and tried to kill him but failed in the process when he was arrested by the police.

Ye ZhengdongEdit

It was unaware to Du Yuze that Zhengdong hated him and became one of his enemies after Xueli was hurt and dump by Du Yuze at the New Year party in middle school.



  • In the web manga, it was said that Du Yuze went to Japan to study in senior high where in the anime, he went to America to study.