Elderly Woman is an old woman in Cupid's Chocolates. She is one of the neighbors of Lin Yuan and her parants.


Elderly Woman is of old age with gray hair, wears casual clothes, and carries a cane with her for walking.


Years ago, Elderly Woman always saw how happy the Lin family was with laughter and joy until Lin Yuan's father left them behind. In Season 1, at the present time, she approached Jiang Haoyi who wanted answers about Lin Yuan's past and she revealed to him everything about the family's past which shocks Haoyi.


Lin FamilyEdit

Lin YujiaEdit

Elderly Woman's relationship with Yujia is unknown though they're neighbors.

Xiao ZixinEdit

Elderly Woman's relationship with Zixin is unknown though they're neighbors.

Lin YuanEdit

Elderly Woman's relationship with Yuan is unknown though they're neighbors.