Female Nurse is a nurse in Cupid's Chocolates. She works in the hospital.


Female Nurse has black hair and brown eyes. She wears the pink nurse outfit. In the web manga, her appearance is different. She has brown hair, blue eyes, and her nurse outfit is white color.


Female Nurse is shown to be a teller in the waiting lobby. In Season 1, she is approached by Lin Yujia who came to see his daughter. In Season 2, she's approached by Jiang Haoyi who came to visit Lin Yuan and she recognized him from the news about him being the boyfriend of Sandy though she seemed to misunderstand. She's later seen tending to Ouyang Xueli after the young girl got stabbed with a knife.



Female Nurse gets along well with the doctors she works with.

Fellow NursesEdit

Female Nurse gets along well with the nurses she works with.