In the starting events of Cupid's Chocolates, Jiang Haoyi, a normal guy who wants a peaceful life unexpectedly becomes the Harem King after eating a chocolate cake that was made by magic and sharing it with some girls. Due to the magic spell on the cake, he has developed an unwanted harem where the girls confessed their feelings for him and having fantasies of being with him. Haoyi doesn't know any of the girls. Haoyi plays the role as "Peacemaker" to break the spells on the girls by fulfilling the dreams they desire. Even though Haoyi broke the spells from each of the girls, they still have feelings for him afterwards as they still remember and spend time with him.

Main MembersEdit

Ouyang Xueli, the childhood sweetheart of Haoyi who did not eat the cake since she was studying at US.

Lin Yuan, fantasied of having children with Haoyi being a family.

Tang Xuan, fantasied of being a couple with Haoyi living together.

Xia Zitong, fantasied of being pregnant with Haoyi's child.

Mei Tata, the cupid goddess who made the chocolate cake hanging around with Haoyi when he's alone.

Other MembersEdit

Hua Yushan, known as SANDY and fantasied of being the childhood sweetheart of Haoyi.

Ling Xiaotu, the cousin/younger sister of Haoyi who did not eat the cake since she lives in US.