He Qiyuan was the former lover of Xiao Zixin and biological father of Lin Yuan in Cupid's Chocolates. He was a police officer ranked as sergeant.


Qiyuan has white hair and blue eyes. He wears the standard police uniform.


Years ago, Qiyuan fell in love with Zixin that would last forever. During the flashbacks in Season 1, he and Zixin decided to become newlyweds. Before signing the documents, Qiyuan was called for an urgent assignment and told Zixin to wait for him to return. However, Qiyuan was killed in the line of duty which sadden Zixin and had a funeral for him. During that time, Zixin was pregnant with Qiyan's child, Xiao Yuan, and that she would raise his daughter as his final gift to her.




Qiyuan was loved by his parents.

Xiao ZixinEdit

Qiyuan loved Zixin and planned to become newlyweds with her but was killed before that could ever happen.

Xiao YuanEdit

Since Qiyuan was killed, he never knew his daughter.

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