Ji Ran is Haoyi's teacher in middle school, high school, and university who appears in the Cupid's Chocolates series. She met Haoyi when he was young and were next door neighbors. She was visited by Haoyi when his parents were not at home and sometimes letting him spend the nights at her apartment. She is currently single. Ji Ran would teach Haoyi house work as well as taking care of himself. She loves to drink beer. Ji Ran admires Haoyi due to him being the top student in his classes and studies real hard. Ji Ran is like a big sister to Haoyi for the times she's taken care of him when his parents were at work. In Season 1, she is visited by Haoyi and in Season 2, she helps Haoyi to keep him hidden from the fans of Hua Yushan that were chasing him due to a scandal at Yushan's concert.


Ji Ran has long blonde hair and light blue eyes. She wears a purple Chinese like dress that reveals a little to much of her body. In the web manga, she wears a teacher like uniform.


Ji Ran is usually calm and gets along with the other teachers and students. Sometimes at her apartment she can be a slob due to the messes she makes. Ji Ran enjoys teasing and flirting with Haoyi even in her drunken state. She acts like a big sister to Haoyi and comforts him whenever he is happy or sad.



Jiang HaoyiEdit

"My, my, what a rare visitor. You haven't been to my place in ages. And so late at night, too".

Ji Ran met Haoyi when he was younger and most of the time has taken care of him when his parents were at work letting him spend the nights with her having a long good relationship with him. She taught him how to do housework and taking care of himself. Ji Ran will comfort Haoyi whenever he is happy or sad.

Haoyi's ParentsEdit

Ji Ran seems to have good chemistry with Haoyi's mom and dad even when she came over to eat with them on a new year's night. She hopes that they'll spend more time with their son.