Jiang Tianming is the father of Hoayi and husband of Mrs. Jiang in Cupid's Chocolates. He is a policeman who's ranked as Chief. Tianming and his wife were always busy with their work and never really had the time to spend with their son.


Tianming is a tall man with black hair pink/violet eyes. He wears the standard police uniform.


It is shown in Season 1 that Tianming is a salary man. However, in Season 2, changes had been made that he is a police officer who is very dedicated to his duties and he along with his wife who is also a police officer never had any time for Haoyi. In his younger days, Tianming seemed to like Xueli's mother, Sun Dongyun, who had mostly taken care of him but he dumped her for Haoyi's mother for unknown reasons. Tianming is scared of Dongyun even now in the present time hoping not to provoke her when her daughter is trying to take good care of his son.




Tianming loves his son, Haoyi, but due to his duties as an officer, he hardly spend time with him.


Tianming loves his wife but there are times he can be a little scared of her.


Tianming's relationship with his niece, Xiaotu, is unknown.


Sun DongyunEdit

Tianming once had a crush on Dongyun who looked after him and taken care him. Unfortunately, he broke her heart when he chose his wife over her. He's afraid of her even now he still is.

Ouyang XueliEdit

Tianming seems to be happy that Xueli is taking care of Haoyi in the same way on how her mother took care of him.

Xiao YanEdit

Tianming seems to be good friends with Xiao Yan.

Ji RanEdit

Tianming respects Ji Ran who looked out for Haoyi when he wasn't at home.