Keluo Krogh is a god who lives in the God World in Cupid's Chocolates. He has a big crush on Mei Tata.


Krogh has blue hair and purple eyes. He wears a blue/green dress type shirt, black arm sleeves, black pants, brown boots, brown cap, and black cape. He has small wings attach to his clothes.


Before the events of the magic cake, five centuries ago, Krogh lived in the God World put in charge of Area B16. He later met the love goddess, Mei Tata, who is a newcomer put in charge of Area A13. Krogh fell head over heals for Mei Tata though due to his strange personality, she finds him very annoying and saying he isn't her type. Krogh doesn't seem to give up on her no matter how many times she rejects him. In Season 2, Krogh comes to pick up Mei Tata to return her home, but she refuses because she needs to find the mysterious girl who left the chocolate cake on the school roof though in truth she wants to be with Haoyi which seems to annoy him.


Love InterestEdit

Mei TataEdit

Krogh first met Mei Tata in the god world and develop a big crush on and tried to make her his, but to Mei Tata she finds him very annoying and not being her type. No matter how many times he's rejected by her, he doesn't plan to give up on her so easy.

Love RivalEdit

Jiang HaoyiEdit

Krogh is really jealous of Haoyi seeing on how he got Mei Tata's affections which really annoys him.

Fellow GodEdit

Changzha ReussEdit

Krogh seems to get along well with Reuss and has great respect for him since he's the Director and Chocolate Maker.



  • Krogh is over 500 years of age.