Lin Yujia is the stepfather of Lin Yuan and ex-husband of Xiao Zixin in Cupid's Chocolates. He left both his ex-wife and his stepdaughter due to family issues.


Yujia has light blue hair and light blue eyes. He wears his own business clothes.


Long ago, Yujia had always liked Zixin but she was in love with He Qiyuan. During Qiyuan's funeral, he came to comfort Zixin and later lead to falling in love, marriage, and he helped Zixin raise Lin Yuan together. However, Yujia's parents disowned him for lying to them about him not wanting to have kids of his own and kicked him, his wife, and his stepdaughter out of their home. Because of this, Yujia divorced Zixin to take care of his parents and later lied to Lin Yuan about waiting for him to return. In Season 1, he was contacted by Haoyi with an old phone number speaking about him seeing Lin Yuan, but replied to Haoyi that she isn't his daughter. Yujia ignored Haoyi's calls but was lastly informed that Lin Yuan got in a terrible accident and in horror rushed down to the hospital. When he arrived, Yujia was sadden to believe that Lin Yuan died and regret that he lied to her but was overjoyed that his stepdaughter is alive and the two embraced happy in tears.




Yujia's parents disowned him after they found out about him being married to Zixin and raising her daughter after he said to them that he didn't want to have kids of his own.


Even though Lin Yuan wasn't Yujia's daughter he loved her so much but left her to wait for him. Seven years later, he happily reunited with her.


Yujia loved Zixin for a long time and always chased after her. He married her after she lost Qiyuan and helped raised her daughter as his own. Unfortunately, he divored Zixin due to his parents.