Lv Zhe, also known as "A-Zhe," is the childhood sweetheart of Yushan due to them being next door neighbors in Cupid's Chocolates. He knows about her strange personality. Lv Zhe enjoyed watching Yushan sing and dance while growing up. Due to Sandy being a freak in the past, Lv Zhe was also considered a freak because he knows her well. He became Yushan's private teacher to help with her singing after Yushan quit school. As time went on, Lv Zhe got tired of babysitting Yushan and quit being her teacher. Because of Lv Zhe betrayal, this caused Yushan to live in her fantasy worlds while her body was in the hospital although he was unaware of this until in Season 2, he was confronted by Haoyi and told him that she will die which horrifies him but later learns on the news that Yushan woke up. Lv Zhe sees Yushan before her concert and was able to reconnect their friendship and he put all of his past behind him.


Lv Zhe has brown hair and blue eyes. He wears a purplish t-shirt, dark gray pants, and blue shoes.


At first Lv Zhe was very warm but fell depress due to babysitting Yushan. He warmed up to Yushan again after seeing her prepare for her concert.




Lv Zhe's relationship with his mother and father is unknown.

Love InterestEdit

Hua YushanEdit

"Yushan? Can you be my friend"?

Lv Zhe as known Yushan since they were kids. They became childhood sweethearts. Lv Zhe seemed to take care of Yushan and even became her private singing teacher. However, that did not last long when he decided to quit for his reasons making Yushan sad. He came to see Yushan before her concert and Lv Zhe was able to make amendments with her putting their past trouble behind them.


Agent WangEdit

At first, Lv Zhe got along well with Agent Wang but quit their contract as he got tired of taking care of Yushan.

Jiang HaoyiEdit

Lv Zhe was confronted by Haoyi to set him straight after what he betrayed Yushan.