Male Kidnapper I (MK1) is a man who appears in Cupid's Chocolates. He and Male Kidnapper II (MK2) were hired by Du Yuze to capture Ouyang Xueli.


Male Kidnapper I has black hair and tan eyes. He wears a blue dress shirt, black jacket, dark gray pants, and red cap.


In Season 2, Male Kidnapper I along with MK2 were assigned to kidnap Xueli under Du Yuze's order. He and MK2 put Xueli into a van and took her to an abandon wherehouse. After Du Yuze reveals his plan to have the industry his and his family trying make Xueli's mother agree after she refuse, he orders MK1 and MK2 to strip Xueli to take nude pictures of her. However they are interrupted by Jiang Haoyi and Du Yuze orders MK1 and MK2 to beat him to which they do, but in shock that their final blow was blocked by Xueli. Male Kidnapper I later learns that the evidence of Du Yuze's crime was recorded by Mei Tata then was knocked out by Haoyi with a single punch. He, Male Kidnapper II, and Du Yuze were arrested and taken to prison.



Du YuzeEdit

Male Kidnapper I worked under Du Yuze to kidnap Xueil for his purpose and would be rewarded.


Male Kidnapper IIEdit

Male Kidnapper I seems to do well with Male Male Kidnapper II.


Jiang HaoyiEdit

Male Kidnapper I became one of Haoyi's enemies to kill him when he interfered in Du Yuze's plan but was taken down instead.