Mei Tata is a cupid in training who on her first mission was sent out to look for people with wishes to find love and grant them in the process in Cupid's Chocolates. One day she blessed a chocolate cake that was offered to her by someone who has a love wish and left the cake on the building rooftop. She was supposed to wait for the owner of the chocolate cake but was distracted by the smell of food leaving the cake behind when it was spotted by Haoyi and that's where his predicament begins.


Her outfit is a pinkish risque mini dress with a lot of austere, heart emblems, and a variety of long and short ribbons. She has very long pink hair that tied in pig tails. She also sports two protruding cow lick that looks like an insects's antenna.


As a a cupid in training she is capable of being invisible that no one can see except for Haoyi. She can slow down time in which she uses it when she either needs to talk to Haoyi or get him out of a pitch, that is if she is not busy eating something. She can change the weather. She is also capable of altering ones memories when the situation calls for it. Also, as a cupid, she can also make couples for in love with each other though she tends to botch up which makes her a klutz especially when she get's distracted by the smell of food. Her appetite knows no boundaries where she would often steal food from any stall or grocery store she passes by. Because of her frequent clumsiness, she is now in danger of losing her powers and if she does she would become a normal human being. As time passes, Mei Tata has come to realize that she has feelings for Hoayi and doesn't want to leave his side wondering if there's a future for her in his life.


Love InterestEdit

Jiang HaoyiEdit

"Haoyi. Whatever happans in my future, you'll never know. Whatever happens in your future, I can never intervene. Haoyi. Is there a place in your future - for me"?

Mei Tata met Haoyi after he accidentally ate the chocolate cake that she made causing girls to fall for him. At first, she had little interest in him since he's mortal but she enjoyed being around him even helping him with problems and if he's in danger saving his life. As times goes, Mei Tata has come to realize that she has falling in love with Haoyi, having feelings for him, and wondering if there's a future for her in his life not wanting to leave his side though she knows that she can't intervene with him.


Haoyi's HaremEdit

Mei Tata never appears to the Harem, but she watches over them from the sides as they're together with Haoyi knowing that everyone is doing well. She did unexpectedly reveal herself to them for a moment when she was on the verge of loosing her powers.

Hua YushanEdit

Mei Tata met Yushan in the hospital after she had woken up and took her to part in the god world and told her about the chocolates magic and apologized to Yushan for her mixed memories with Haoyi making her believe that he was her childhood sweetheart. She was forgiven by Yushan and the two got along real well.

Fellow GodsEdit

Keluo KroghEdit

"Krogh! Don't try to trick me into eating Cupid's Chocolate! You're not my type! Don't bother me again! Give up"!

Mei Tata met Krogh in the god world and was very annoyed by him. She knows that he likes her a lot. Mei Tata feels nothing for Krogh saying that he's not her type.

Changzha ReussEdit

Mei Tata has great respect for Ruess since he's the Director and Chocolate Maker.



  • It's revealed that Mei Tata is 500+ years old of age.
  • Mei Tata ranked 2nd place in the Popularity Contest with 2,465 votes.