Mei Xue is the housekeeper of the Xia family household in Cupid's Chocolates. She's the assistant of Xia Zitong.


Mei Xue has black hair and red eyes. She wears business clothes.


Mei Xue has been Zitong's assistant everyday even when Zitong's father was not at home. In Season 1, she is introduced by Zitong meeting Jiang Haoyi. She soon finds out from one of the bodyguards that the school called saying that Hoayi got her pregnant and order the bodyguards to beat him. She calls Mr. Xia about his daughter's situation. Mei Xue is shown in tears of how Haoyi is so brave to get her master to come home and finds out that Zitong wasn't pregnant. She's happy that Haoyi reunited Mr. Xia and Zitong to spend more time with each other.



Xia ZitongEdit

Mei Xue as taken care and assisting Zitong when her master wasn't at home.

Mr. XiaEdit

Mei Xue has great respect and serves Mr. Xia well.


Male BodyguardsEdit

As the Housekeeper, Mei Xue would be second-in-command of the bodyguards when her masters are away and seems to get along with them well.