Momo is the girlfriend of Du Yuze in Cupid's Chocolates. She was a senior in middle school.


Momo has brown hair and golden eyes. She wears the school uniform but was not seen yet at the time. At the New Year's Party, she wore a long purple dress.


During the flashbacks in Season 2, Momo was introduce to all the classmates by Du Yuze at the New Year's Party stating that he's getting engaged to her much to Xueli's shock who was dating Du Yuze. Momo watched in amused along with the other classmates on how Du Yuze humiliated and dumped Xueli. It's unknown if Momo is still with Du Yuze in the present time though it's hinted that she only assisted him in his plan to bring Xueli down in middle school.


Love InterestEdit

Du YuzeEdit

Momo was proposed by Du Yuze getting engaged to him at the New Year party. It's clearly unknown what their relationship is but it's hinted that they're not together.


Ouyang XueliEdit

Momo dislikes Xueli just as much like her classmates do.