Mr. Ouyang is the father of Xueli and husband of Sun Dongyun in Cupid's Chocolates. He is a business man who is dedicate to his work and didn't seem to have time for Dongyun and Xueli.


Mr. Ouyang is a tall man who has white/gray hair and purple eyes. He wears his own business clothes.


Mr. Ouyang met Dongyun years ago and fell in love with her. This lead to marriage and having their daughter, Xueli. Due to being a business man, Mr. Ouyang never had much time to spend with his wife and daughter. In Season 2, he was contacted by Dongyun about Xueli being tailed, but because of his work he was careless. He later learned that Xueli was put in the hospital after being stabbed to protect Haoyi. When he arrived at the hospital, he stopped Dongyun from attempting to beat Haoyi and spoke with him about what happen to Xueli. Finding out the truth, Haoyi deeply apologized to Mr. Ouyang for not protecting Xueli. Mr. Ouyang told Haoyi that thanks to him, Xueli is now safe and said that Haoyi isn't to blame saying that all this time both he and Dongyun didn't pay enough attention to their daughter and as her parents, they are to blame. Mr. Ouyang was overjoyed that Xueli had woken up and seeing his daughter doing well.




Mr. Ouyang loves his daughter, but didn't seem to pay enough attention to Xueli due to his work.


Mr. Ouyang loves his wife though they barely spend time together due to their work.


Jiang HaoyiEdit

Mr. Ouyang seems to be on good terms with Haoyi being kind to him unlike how his wife is to Haoyi. He even thanked Haoyi for keeping his daughter safe.