Mr. Photographer is a young man in Cupid's Chocolates. He works in the Amusement Park taking photos of people he meets.


Mr. Photographer has navy blue hair and dark gold eyes. He wears a white t-shirt, black pants, and seen holding a camera.


In Season 1, Mr. Photographer introduced himself to Jiang Haoyi and Xia Zitong at the amusement park and wants to take a few pictures with them as a couple to which he does. Later during sunset, he bumps into Haoyi again requesting to take a group photo with Lin Yuan and their two fantasy children, Xiao Ming and Xiao Hong. When one of kids calls Haoyi papa, Mr. Photographer questions himself about Haoyi with Zitong wondering what's going on.



Mr. Photographer hold a camera with him requesting to take pictures of people he meets.


Crowds of PeopleEdit

Mr. Photographer enjoys meeting people at the amusement park taking photos of them and getting along with them real well.