Mr. Xia is the father of Xia Zitong in Cupid's Chocolates. He is the master and head of the Xia family.


Mr. Xia has navy blue hair and purple eyes. He wears business clothes.


Mr. Xia had always spend time with his daughter. However, do to is work expanding, he didn't have the time to spend with Zitong for at least two years until in Season 1, he got a call from his housekeeper Mei Xue and talked to him about Jiang Haoyi getting his daughter pregnant. Mr. Xia came home with his special squad to deal with Haoyi but learn the truth that Zitong wasn't pregnant and Haoyi explained to him about Zitong wanting to spend time with him. With this, Mr. Xia now spends most of his free time with his daughter which makes Zitong very happy.




Mr. Xia loves his daughter very much, but do to his work increasing, he hadn't spend time with Zitong for two years. He returns home to Zitong of a misunderstanding and now spends time with her.


Mei XueEdit

Mr. Xia left Mei Xue who is the housekeeper in charge of Zitong when he wasn't at home.

Male BodyguardsEdit

Mr. Xia has bodyguards at home if anything were to happen to his daughter when his not home and puts his trust in them.

Army SoldiersEdit

Mr. Xia has an army of soldiers if any threat were to happen to him or his daughter to which they follow under his orders.