Mrs. Jiang is the mother of Haoyi and wife of Jiang Tianming in Cupid's Chocolates. She is a policewoman. Mrs. Jiang and her husband were always busy with their work and never really had the time to spend with their son.


Mrs. Jiang has black hair where in anime she has blue/purple hair and golden eyes. She wears the standard police uniform.


It is shown in the Season 1 that Mrs. Jiang is a housewife. However, in the Season 2, changes had been made that she is a police officer who is very dedicated to her duties and she along with Tianming who is also a police officer never had any time for Haoyi. In her younger days, she met Xueli's mother, Sun Dongyun, who liked and took care of Tianming which made her jealous though Mrs. Jiang never understood why her husband dumped Dongyun for unknown reasons. She knows that Tianming is scared of Dongyun hoping that he doesn't provoke her if Xueli is taking good care of Haoyi.




Mrs. Jiang loves her son, Haoyi, but due to her duties as an officer, she hardly spend time with him.


Mrs. Jiang loves her husband but there are times she can be a little harsh on him.


Mrs. Jiang's relationship with her niece, Xiaotu, is unknown.


Sun DongyunEdit

Mrs. Jiang seems to get along with Dongyun since they were once next door neighbors.

Ouyang XueliEdit

Mrs. Jiang realizes that Xueli is a lot like her mother when she takes care of Haoyi in the same way when Dongyun took care of Tianming.

Xiao YanEdit

Mrs. Jiang seems to be good friends with Xiao Yan.

Ji RanEdit

Mrs. Jiang respects Ji Ran who looked out for Haoyi when she wasn't at home.