Muscle Girl II is a student in Cupid's Chocolates. She is the sister of Muscle Girl I and member of the school's athletic club.


Muscle Girl II has dark blonde hair and dark blonde eyes. She's got big muscles. She wears the athletic club uniform.


During freshman year in high school, Muscle Girl II and her sister were bullied by boys due to their ugly appearances. However, Tang Xuan saved and defeated the boys and both her and her sister praised Tang Xuan and followed her to which they joined the school's athletic club. In Season 1, during the event of the chocolate's magic, Muscle Girl II and all students chased Jiang Haoyi up to the school's roof where he almost committed suicide. Sometimes after, She and the athletic girls were challenged by Haoyi in the next mid-term exams and if he wins, the president will be punished for two weeks. She and the girls accepted his challenge. The next day, she and the girls were shocked when they saw the scores that Haoyi ranked first place. Muscle Girl II and the girls were disgust that Haoyi made Tang Xuan wear a maid outfit as punishment for losing.




Muscle Girl II is mostly seen with Muscle Girl I since they're both sisters.


Tang XuanEdit

Muscle Girl II looks up to Tang Xuan after she saved both her and her sister from boys that were bullies and respects her.

Fellow Athletic GirlsEdit

Muscle Girl II gets along well with the girls in the club.


Jiang HaoyiEdit

Muscle Girl II seems to hate Haoyi due to him being a pervert of having Tang Xuan wearing a maid outfit.