School University Male Teacher is a teacher in Cupid's Chocolates. He teaches at university college.


He seems to be a middle age or older man with gray hair and gray eyes. He wears glasses and a teacher like uniform.


In Season 1, School University Male Teacher along with his class became shock when they heard from Xia Zitong saying that Jiang Haoyi got her pregnant and demanded an explanation though it was a misunderstanding. Sometimes later, after the mid-term exams were done, he was approached by some of the girls in the school's athletic club believing that Haoyi cheated on the exams due to him getting first place. He tells them that the scores are right and sign signatures. He was even surprised himself as well of all the students and teachers that Haoyi's so good and preformed so spectacularly finding it strange and hard to understand.



School University Male Teacher gets along well with his fellow teachers.


School University Male Teacher gets along well with his students.