Xiao Hong is a young girl created by magic who appears in Cupid's Chocolates. She has a brother who is also created by magic named Xiao Ming. She is about 7 or 8 years old. In Season 1, Xiao Hong and her brother appeared to Haoyi calling him "Papa" much to his horror learning that they are his kids by Lin Yuan who is the mother of the two kids after she ate a piece of the chocolate cake. Xiao Hong enjoys spending time with her family. However when Lin Yuan's wish was granted of her father's return, Xiao Hong and her brother disappeared due to the magic that created them but will forever watch over both Haoyi and Lin Yuan still calling them Papa and Mama.


Xiao Hong has blue eyes and dark blue hair like Haoyi tied in pig tails. She wears a pink shirt and red/pink skirt.


Xiao Hong is a very happy girl. She will get concern if her brother wonders off getting into trouble.


Fantasy FamilyEdit

Fantasy PapaEdit

Hong sees Haoyi as her papa due to the chocolate's magic and enjoys spending time with him. When it was time for her to go, Hong said goodbye to Haoyi and will always watch over him.

Fanasy MamaEdit

Hong sees Lin Yuan as her mama due to the chocolate's magic and enjoys spending time with her. Even though Hong's time was done, she will always watch over her.

Fantasy GrandmotherEdit

Hong sees Xiao Zixin as her grandmother due to the chocolates magic. She's scared of her when she's angry or scary.


Hong gets along with her brother very well.