Xiao Xue is a member of the school's athletic club who appears in Cupid's Chocolates. In Season 1, she along with the other club members were challenged by Haoyi for the upcoming mid-term exams and if she or the other girls win then it's Haoyi's lost, but if he wins the captain, Tang Xuan, will be punished. Xiao Xue is ranked the highest among her teammates at 10th place and she and the girls accept his challenge. The next day when the scores of the exams came in, Xiao Xue ranked 5th place believing it was enough to defeat Hoayi, but to her shock and all the other members seeing that Haoyi ranked 1st and lost to him. Xiao Xue and the girls were disgust that the punishment for Tang Xuan is to wear a maid outfit for the next two weeks. Xiao Xue appears in Season 2 following Tang Xuan's footsteps becoming a Cosplayer for the Anime Expo to which she now enjoys and teaming up with her captain. In the next contest, she and her team won.


Xiao Xue has brown hair tied in a ponytail and pink/violet eyes. She wears the school's athletic club uniform: blue tang top and blue shorts. In the Anime Expo her cosplay she wears is a short purple dress with a purple hat. In the web manga, Xiao Xue's appearance is completely different compared in the anime. She has black hair, golden eyes, and wears the standard school uniform.


Xiao Xue has admiration for Tang Xuan and is not afaid to defend or stand up for her. She dislikes Haoyi being a pervert. She loves becomeing a cosplayer for the Anime Expo since her captain loves it so much.



Tang XuanEdit

Xiao Xue respects Tang Xuan for her courage and bravery especially when she stands up for her and the girls from the boys.

Sun ChianEdit

Xiao Xue seems to get along well with Sun Chian.


Jiang HaoyiEdit

Xiao Xue dislikes Haoyi believing that he's making Tang Xuan look bad and became disgust by his pervert habits.