Xiao Yan is a police officer who appears in Cupid's Chocolates. His rank is Captain. Xiao Yan is a friend of Haoyi due to Haoyi's dad being the head Chief and has known Haoyi when he was a child being saved from kidnappers. In Season 1, He is visited by Haoyi at the police station wanted information about Lin Yuan's past and Xiao Yan found phone numbers for Haoyi to reach Lin Yuan's father which became a success. In Season 2, Xiao Yan and his team are contacted by Xia Zitong saying that she and Haoyi are being attack by a young woman and thugs. When his team arrived, Haoyi had defeated the thugs and they arrested the young woman and thugs. Xiao Yan is later contact by Haoyi informing that Xueli, Haoyi's childhood sweetheart was kidnapped by Du Yuze who taken her to an abandon wherehouse. When Xiao Yan and his team arrived, Haoyi had once again dealt with the issue and Xiao Yan realized he was late again. Xiao Yan and his team arrested Du Yuze and his two men that were involved in the kidnapping taking them to prison.


Xiao Yan has brown hair and brown eyes. He wears the police uniform.


Xiao Yan is a nice man and as a policeman protects the city from danger. He acts like a big brother to Haoyi.



Jiang HaoyiEdit

Xiao Yan gets along well with Haoyi after he saved him from being kidnapped and is happy to see him.

Jiang TianmingEdit

Xiao Yan respects Tainming since he's the head Chief.

Mrs. JiangEdit

Xiao Yan gets along well with Tainming's wife.

Fellow Police OfficersEdit

Xiao Yan works well with his team to protect the industry from harm's way.