Xiao Zixin is the mother of Lin Yuan, ex-wife of Lin Yujia, and former lover of He Qiyuan in Cupid's Chocolates. When her daughter ate a piece of the chocolate cake, Zixin gain memories of Jiang Haoyi being her son-in-law and grandmother of her fantasy grandchildren.


Xiao Zixin has black hair and blue eyes. She wears a purple tang top and blue pants.


Years ago, Zixin was formerly in love with Qiyuan and went to go sign documents to become newlyweds. However before they could, her lover was called in the line of duty and waited for his return but was killed which sadden her. Zixin found out during Qiyuan's funeral that she's pregnant with Lin Yuan and decided to raise her as the gift her lover left for her. During that time, she was comfort by Lin Yujia who've always chased her. Zixin married Yujia and help raised her daughter and was very happy. She was later sadden when Yujia divorced her due to lying to his parents about not wanting to have kids. Zixin continued to raise Lin Yuan as a single parent before the events of the cupid's magic. In Season 1, when Haoyi came with the fantasy family to the apartment, she threw a kitchen knife at him for not being home for the last few days though she forgave him letting him in her home.


Kitchen KnifeEdit

In the beginning, Zixin had her kitchen knife with her when she threaten Haoyi. She has good aim in her throw.




Zixin loves her daughter very much she's also her former lover's daughter. There was a time, she kicked her daughter out of the house after learning that she had a photo of her stepfather.


Zixin married Yujia since he always chased her after she lost her former lover and he helped her raised her daughter together. However he divored her due to his parents.

Former LoverEdit

Zixin was in love with Qiyuan and were about to become newlyweds but he was killed which sadden her.